Friday, January 23, 2009

Mweh, wharrgarbl.

YET ONE MORE EDIT: Clickiness is fixed. Everything now pops into a new tab (or window, depending on your browser and settings). Also, there is a searchy box for to search this blog and meh buddy's blog. Yey. :3 Now to fix the colors... -_-;

...also, PS: THUNDERSTORM, きゃああああああ!
February has gone insane~

Gonna be redesigning the blog for the next few days, so if you stop in and suddenly everything's all like "doodwtf," that'll be why.


Nikki said...

Whoo mang, g'luck with that redesign-y work **salute** What with tax season being upon us hapless JETs (srsly wtf?!?!? I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DOOOOOOO) blog re-design is a bit low on my list of priorities at the mo' XP

ALSO: You are totes welcome, glad you enjoyed the munchies & your new little buddy :D Also I'm really kinda surprised they made it through customs alright, what with my snarky snark all over the envelope. Cheers.

also also: Durrrrr ya I guess I would like a "please don't make money off this pattern or you will make the unicorns cry" type thingy on there. And yeah, slap a "Nikki" somewheres on there, too, for good measure.

Julia Salgueiro said...

I love your blog! Thank you to share your experiences with us!
Kisses from Brazil!

Ku said...

Obrigada, Julia! ^_^

PS: This makes me laugh. XD I wish I could read Portuguese~

Siladitya said...

Very good post.
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Ku said...

WTF, I'm getting spam comments now? O.o; I must have more traffic than I thought... XD

Nikki said...

ok more commentspamyey!!!
...not rly >__>

But I wanted to ask ya, how d'you track dem pesky IP addresses so's you can know from whence your viewers come? I would like to do that also :3 plzplzplz

Also: the lil' crooked trees on the hill behind my apartment are blossoming. Your new pics makes me think o' them