Sunday, October 19, 2008


Devil Rays versus the Red Sox. Game seven of the ALCS. Tonight's victor faces the Phillies for the World Series title.

...and I would care, if only it were the Cubs. ;_;

Ku's Chi-town loyalties aside, rays are cute. Cute things get turned into softies.

A new softie pattern, イエイ〜 Quite easy, just two pieces back-to-back. Make a big one to serve as a pillow for your favorite Rays fan. Or for your least-favorite Steve Irwin fan.

Stingray in Japanese is えい、which comes out ei in romaji, which should sound something like "eh-EE" if you're pronouncing it from English, which, incidentally, is identical to a common cry of celebration that appears in the Cajun dialect.

I envision one Japanese tourist who, upon visiting New Orleans, finds himself pondering why the colorful zydeco bands on the street corners keep yelling "STINGRAY!" between long passages of gnarled French.

And then I don't feel so bad about the Cubs. -_-

100 years and counting, buu.

9 comments: said...

This is BEYOND cute!!! I'll be linking to this little guy!

Nikki said...

I saw what you did with that small text . . . TOO SOON!!! (;A;)
But srsly, sting ray pillow = EPIC WIN.
So I don't have any kind of Adobe program on my MacBook yet, which makes fashioning a nice clean pattern for my anteater a real problem. If I trace it out & email you a pik'cher, can you make it pretty for me? plzplzplz???

Melissa said...

Love this little Sting Ray. I lived in Tampa a few years ago, so it is nice to see them in the World Series.

Carla said...

Very sweet. I think a little cubbie bear would be adorable. Cubbies, feeling fine in 2009!

ミJean★Claudeミ said...

I mean it, get your butt on Skype little miss missy.

Fragile Porpoise said...

That stingray... oh gawd, I love it so. How perfect it is.

Ku said...

Mwahah, thanks, everybody. XD I totally missed all these comments.


Andy said...

i <3 this~
but whitesox>cubs, sorry. :P

Unknown said...

So nice!