Wednesday, May 28, 2008


...means both "grenade" and "pomegranate" in Hebrew. Grenade means "pomegranate" in French. That's where we get the word "grenadine" from.

On an entirely unrelated note, here's a new pattern.

I wouldn't have made it, but Tuti asked so very nicely. ^_^

Edit: Rimon-yad is the more specific reference to a grenade, meaning "hand-pomegranate." Thanks, Tuti!


Melisa Sriwulandari said...

That is a cute bunny! Thanks for sharing the pattern.

Ku said...

No problem! I hope you have some fun with it!

bunbun said...

cute, Ku!

I saw your kawaii clock and I had to get one for my page, too!
I picked the yorkie analog, but I wish they had a Shih Tzu one!

Kio tsu kette- I am sure I spelled that incorrectly!

Yours Truly, Rave said...

I've made one!
uhm k, I lied... I made FOUR! O wo~

but it looks so different from yours... - w-..

I'm gunna post it to DA later.. but since I've give it away to my friends (for free, I didn't sell it, I swear! ><) I'm still waiting for the picyures... I'll give you the link later ^^

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Gerrit said...

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