Tuesday, November 16, 2010

富士山:ふじさん, Mount Fuji

Woah, a softie pattern? Really?

Yep! :D

I've been sitting on this "mountain" idea for a long time, trying to figure out how to make it more mountainous. The original small version looked like crap:

Pfft, first try.

Then I tried to make a really big, fluffy one out of some fleece material, like a wumphy-fumphy pillow, but it also ended up looking like crap:

...especially when compared to real mountains.

...and then I discovered that somebody else had already made a much nicer soft Fuji:


...so fark that. Here's an Eyjafjoell, or Merapi, if you prefer.

Okay, not quite as bad.

 平和な場所と見えるけど、実は、富士山も活火山です。Despite it's peaceful visage in modern times, it is important to note that Fuji-san is also still an active volcano.

(She could blow any minute - save the tea!!!)

And, if you're interested, the word for volcano in Japanese is kazan, written with two very basic kanji: "fire" and "mountain".
火 = fire
山 = mountain
火山 = volcano
Pretty easy, right? This is actually the way most Japanese words are formed. Even single kanji, since they began as ideograms (shorthand pictures meant to illustrate the thing they were describing), can be built out of simpler kanji stuck together:
木 = tree
森 = forest
日 = sun
月 = moon
明 = bright
Hey, you just learned some kanji. :D 楽しみしてね!


Lilian said...

Hi, there! Thanks for teaching so much.
Kanji, right? It's very new to me! lol
Your mountains are really... huh... unique. lol I loved the big blue one.
Come visit my blog when you have some time.

bluey22 said...
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