Monday, December 14, 2009

Note to Self

I'm putting this here for my own benefit, so I don't keep losing it when it falls off the fridge. By all means, please do try it for yourself if you like fluffy, thick pizza crust.

The Best Pizza Crust Recipe I Have Ever Found
in Eleven Years of Searching

poorly illustrated by Ku

Notes in addendum:

"Rapid rise yeast" means exactly that; active dry isn't powerful enough for a fluffy dough. "Knead a whole lot" means fold and smash and roll up and repeat like 20 or 30 times. "Punch down the dough" might mean something else to serious chefs, but in this recipe it means "beat the shit out of it for serious". Adding a tablespoon of crushed rosemary to the dry flour makes it herby-good. :D


Sarah said...

Yum! What I tried doing once was making the base and putting all the topings on it while the dough was still raw, then cooking it. It turned out really well. Is that what you do, or do you bake the dough first?

Ku said...

Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's the traditional way to make pizza. Actually, I've never heard of anyone baking the dough first and then putting the toppings on... is that how they do it in Australia? o_o?

Sadah said...

used your recipe for the pizza crust, it came out really good =)

Ku said...

YEY~! ^_^ I'm very glad.

...also, now I'm hungry. ._.