Saturday, March 6, 2010

もんきり:monkiri, family crest paper cutting

On the topic of kamon, here's something you can do with them. :D

click to download patterns in a PDF file

家紋:かもん、kamon, meaning "house" (家) + "crest" or "coat of arms" (紋)
切り:きり、kiri, meaning "cutting"; from the verb kiru, "to cut"
紋きり:monkiri, which translates roughly to "coat-of-arms cutting"

Monkiri (also called monkiri asobi) uses many folds and and brightly-colored paper to make paper cut-outs of popular family crests. The symmetrical and geometric nature of most kamon makes them perfect subjects for this craft. It's very similar to cutting out paper snowflakes. All you need to get started is some thin colored paper and sharp scissors.

click to visit the page I stole this graphic from: it's got a few patterns

It's popular to decorate blank uchiwa (団扇, paddle fans) and paper lanterns with monkiri.

They're nice on cards and wrapping, too. :3 楽しみして!

* Intending no offense to Canada... In fact, thank you, Canada! Your "eh" has helped me explain the sound of Japanese words ending in "e" in countless conversations. Also, I really like maple sugar candy and hockey. You guys are awesome.

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Bordado Love said...

awww great post! thanks for the information =) I love kirigami art and monkiri is soooo cool!