Sunday, March 14, 2010


It's Pi Day! The best math-and-pastry-based holiday of the year! I'm making this pie right now; will post pictures later if it works out.

UPDATE: Well, it was delicious, but ugly. At least it was low fat. :3

These, meanwhile, are not ugly:



candied lemon

um... cranberry fish... ?

My clever sister makes very tiny things out of polymer clay, including pies. You can see all of her work in detail here: Fushica on Deviant Art.

And for my nerd comrades: the Pi Calc applet by Mikko Tommila.


Nikki said...

Aaaaaaahh b'dammit, I totes forgot it was Pi Day DDD: **homgdismay'd**

Does still count if I celebrated Fibonacci O'Clock on Sunday? 'Cause I totally did. And do every day when it turns 12:35. Or 11:23. Or thirty-five seconds after 1:12. Because they're all legit and I feel bad leaving one out >.>;;;

And DUDE is every member of your clan imbued with supar-awsum craftymaek powarz???? Yey bitty!pies XD

Ku said...

O_O OH MY GOD I had never even realized there was a Fibonacci O'Clock. YOU ENRICH MY LIFE. :D

MERF I have to send you a box, and are you back from service trip nao?! And how wents it? Also also, What is you favoright pai? >,o