Saturday, October 30, 2010


~is my favorite holiday but I never seem to have time to prepare for it buuu~~ (´∩`。)

Today, besides finally buying candy (are there even any kids in our neighborhood? I've only seen maybe one), I took some junk and some other junk and put them together into decorative junk. I also took pictures, because I wanted to know exactly how serious the camera was when it said "battery low". Not very serious, apparently.

One nice part about this particular junk+junk=thing project is that it's impermanent. That is, you can get the glass forms back when you're done. Or, if you prefer, you can make them permanent with a simple trade of adhesives. 

Too Easy Halloween Lantern Tutorial
extremely, super, little-kid-doable easy

  orange tissue paper
  opaque black paper (or any dark color, really)
  glass jars, bowls, cups, or what have you
  scotch tape
  ponytail bands (or rubber bands)
  spray adhesive (optional, only for permanent lanterns)

Cut up your black paper into jack-o-lantern eyes, moths, noses, or whatever Halloweeny shape you want. Consider the shape and size of your glass objects when you do this.

Tape your paper pieces to the surface of your glass objects. Most types of scotch tape can easily be peeled off of glass, but if you have to be sure that there won't be any stickiness left on your glass, use "magic" type tape. Don't worry that you can see the tape; when the lanterns are lit, taped areas become indistinguishable.

Now we wrap the glass forms in a sheet of tissue paper. If your form has straight, parallel sides, like a jar, you can just wrap it in a sheet...

...tape the bottom edges under the jar...

...and put a hairband around the rim to hold the sheet in place. 


If you're using a round shape, just set it in the center of a sheet of paper...

...wrap the paper up around it, gently, and stuff the loose ends into the top of the jar to hold them up...

...then secure with a hairband around the rim, trimming away extra paper from the opening. 

Done again.

Lastly, if your glass form is shaped such that it can't be banded at the top, you can either improvise with tape around the edges, or use the secret weapon of papercraft: adhesive spray.


Warning: Adhesive spray (spray mount, spray gum, aerosol glue, etc.) is very sticky and will make your paper-to-glass bond pretty damn near permanent. Re-positionable (impermanent) spray adhesive exists, but it is also awfully sticky, and does indeed become permanent on whatever surface it is originally applied to. As with all spray cans, use in a well-ventilated area.

Another Warning: Always protect work surfaces with scrap paper when using spray adhesive, unless you want a gummy table. No-one wants a gummy table, though. Gummy tables suck.

If using spray adhesive, first invert your glass form in the middle of a sheet of tissue paper. Then, spray the ever-loving hell out it. 

Okay, maybe not that much. Just get an even coat of spray on glass and tissue alike. 

Now, very carefully, turn your glass right-side up in the middle of the sheet, being careful not to let the gummy tissue touch the gummy glass, otherwise they'll fall in love IMMEDIATELY and stick like happy ever after. Guess what I did when trying to turn my glass over...  yeah.

Once your glass is right-side up, lift up the paper on all sides and wrap it around the glass. It'll stick real tight, real fast, and make a wrinkly effect. Pat it down to flatten it out.

Lastly, cut away the extra paper from the opening of the glass. Voila.

Add tea candles, display on Halloween night. Or be a dork and use them for mood lighting in the bathroom. Like me. :3

Guess where this picture was taken.
As always, have fun, and Happy Halloween! ハロウィーンおめでとう、たのしみして!


Faeriel Galadel said...

Dude! Those are so cool! I'll have to try doing that some time. Perhaps for next Halloween. Sorry I haven't written back to you in a while, but I moved to St. Louis. I'll send you a letter soon to update you on everything! Have a great Halloween! (^o^)

Ku said...

HEY! How are you? You moved into town, eh? Awesome! I mean, not as awesome as living on a freaking military base, but still, awesome! I owe you a letter and several postcards, anyway. XD Take your time and stay cool (warm?) and be happy!

Shannon said...

very cool - I did something similar last year with paper ribbon (the twisty kind you untwist) and empty baby food jars ... I'll post some pics on my blog tomorrow :) ... I like reading your stuff - you're funny :) thanks for the giggle

Ku said...

Augh, I love baby food jars. ^x^ They're so cute and useful and not made of plastic like everything else. (I need to find some babies to feed so I can collect the jars.)

"Funny" is much better than "ought to be institutionalized", so thank you very much! :3

laurelei said...

LOL Guess where this picture was taken. You're my new favorite blog. Too funny!!

Ku said...

^^; I'm always surprised when my lame jokes actually make someone laugh. Thanks very much, Laurelei -- I don't feel quite so silly now. :D