Thursday, October 14, 2010


I had this idea once to exchange postcards with people if they emailed me their addresses, but only four people ever responded, and I chickened out on sending postcards to most of them because I couldn't make nice enough postcards. Also, everybody in Ku House lost their jobs right about then, so... you know, distractions.

I just found this today. :D

I think I'll be able to do it this time, without the pressure of knowing who I'm sending to... also, there are a ton more decent postcards available in Arizona than I ever found in Missouri.


Anonymous said...

I went to that website today, Im so excited to try it out! My first person is from the Ukraine! Im going to be making my postcard by hand! =D
Thanks for linking us up to it!

Ku said...

Hey, awesome! I got Finland, France, and now Canada... I've already got my first one back. :D Hope to cross with you someday!