Friday, February 27, 2009

箱 : Hako, meaning "box"

It's a good kanji to know. It's also a useful thing to be able to make.

It's even more useful if you can make one from a single sheet of paper, without glue or tape or anything.


The pattern as given, when printed on a standard sheet of letter-size or A4 paper, makes a box roughly 2.5 inches square with a depth of 1 inch. It is the perfect size for two cookies, one atop the other. Like maybe chocolate & macadamia nut cookies. For White Day.

...see how easy it is? This is why I love paper. >w<

Here are some pre-colored versions of the pattern for your cutting-out-and-folding pleasure. Background designs taken from traditional Japanese repeating patterns, as available on Ikiya.

総模様のはこちらです。(いきやから模様)A4 でプリントしたら、出来上がった箱は6.25cm x 6.25cm x 2.5cmぐらいです。クッキを二個がちょう入りそうです。例えば、ホワイトチョコとマカデミアナツクッキ。ホワイトデーのために。>w<


いやだ、orange comes out so badly on this screen... I need to calibrate.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


ただいま (tadaima): Phrase roughly translating to "I'm home!" or "I'm back!"

Where Ku has been since last post:
  1. Driving sister to and from Kaplan center, whereat she is diligently preparing for the right of passage known as the Scholastic Aptitude Test.
  2. Coercing sister into getting a driver's license (or attempting thereto).
  3. Fussing with studio space (read: basement) and killing spiders with great prejudice, for great justice.
  4. Trying to spend less money at Ku House 'cause now all of us are unemployed. ;_;
Yeah. Crap. That last one is really trouble. -_-;

One possible way to alleviate the situation would be to sell stuffs on this very blog. Maybe. If I can figure out what sort of stuffs people want, anyway.

I began this blog with the two vague notions of "I like making things" and "other people, surely, also like making things." The theorem "perhaps other people like buying things that I like making" remains unproven.

In any case, we'll see. -_-

Back later with some patterny goodness, in preparation for おひな祭り、Ohina Matsuri, the girls' festival of court dolls. 待ってくれ、ね。