Tuesday, February 17, 2009


ただいま (tadaima): Phrase roughly translating to "I'm home!" or "I'm back!"

Where Ku has been since last post:
  1. Driving sister to and from Kaplan center, whereat she is diligently preparing for the right of passage known as the Scholastic Aptitude Test.
  2. Coercing sister into getting a driver's license (or attempting thereto).
  3. Fussing with studio space (read: basement) and killing spiders with great prejudice, for great justice.
  4. Trying to spend less money at Ku House 'cause now all of us are unemployed. ;_;
Yeah. Crap. That last one is really trouble. -_-;

One possible way to alleviate the situation would be to sell stuffs on this very blog. Maybe. If I can figure out what sort of stuffs people want, anyway.

I began this blog with the two vague notions of "I like making things" and "other people, surely, also like making things." The theorem "perhaps other people like buying things that I like making" remains unproven.

In any case, we'll see. -_-

Back later with some patterny goodness, in preparation for おひな祭り、Ohina Matsuri, the girls' festival of court dolls. 待ってくれ、ね。


Anonymous said...

Ku! Have you thought about Etsy? It seems like it would totally fit some of your cute creations!

Nikki said...

You should totes Etsy some stuffs, dood. I would buy the SHIT outta dem, boy ah tell yew whut...

Non-jobbedness sucks D: Hope that turns with quickness. Alacrity, even!

Ku said...

Hi guys! Yeah, I've been looking at Etsy... ですが、however, I have some kind of hangup selling things that don't serve any actual function. It feel like I'm cheating people or something... of course, this is probably all psychological, and I need to work on it. -_-;

PS: I has a picture of your stuffiedood - would you likes it for to post on Nikkiblog?

Nikki said...

Srsly, get over that. Aside from foods, everything everyone sells is essentially useless. And even then...

Awr fanks, I would luff pics o' stuffiedood from you :D They're sure to look better than the crappy keitai pics I took of 'im before I shipped him off XP And sorry I suck at posting lovely Ku-made things to Nikkiblog; I been a space-case lately with things of all sorts @.@

I actually just got home from 3-hours-and-one-train-transfer away...9 o'clock dinnars FTW!

Ku said...

Ah, iya, iya, you are teh busy and teh working and teh running 'round on trains. This all translates to very little time on teh intarnets. *nodnod* Have nice dinner and beddies. XD


(PS: I'm especially weird right now because I am really cold, sorry.)