Thursday, May 1, 2008

Back Again

I’m still here. Just been getting stuff done in real life at the expense of internet time.

Thanks for your patience. Here, have a new craft!

Papercutting (in Japanese, kirie for composed images and kirigami for geometric patterns) has been in my sphere for about as long as origami. If you've ever folded up a coffee filter and cut a paper snowflake out of it, then it's part of your world, too.

I’m still not very pro at it, but I enjoy playing around with simple one-fold images. It’s good for practice with the blade. If you’d like a few patterns to cut, you can click on the images above to download a few I randomly chipped out these past couple weeks.


Background images come from, which is awesome.


bunbun said...

Ku! Genki??
These are lovely!!!!! I love the ume blossom so much! Great job with the layouts and backgrounds, which are awesome!

Ku said...

Hehe, backgrounds ha nusumareta mono da. XD How's your life? I'm gonna head over to your side right now.

bunbun said...

Watashi wa chou genki desu!

Do you want some lemon bars???? I replied on my page,and you have my email, so hit me up whenever you like, and we can figure out a plan. And I will make something other than lemon bars if you want!