Monday, May 12, 2008

Where's Ku?

Ku is still alive, but perhaps not well, as she fuddles around the house and tries to make the most of her design portfolio. She has multiple things "in the pipe," so to speak, in the way of tutorials. She just hasn't cleaned them up yet.

In the meantime, as proof of her living status, here are some thingies Ku has made over the past few months and forgotten to post previously.

A pufferfish! (or fugu, ふぐ)

...who is on his way to a friend, and...

...this ugly little fellow, who is supposed to be an owl.

It makes more sense when you can see his back. I think.

In any case, if you'd like to make your own fishie, the pattern came from this lovely book. It's out of print, but you might be able to find a copy in your library system, or request it on interlibrary loan. Most of the designs are very good in my opinion. Simple, clean, and cute.

The owl, meanwhile, is a work in progress and has no pattern... yet.

*Ku goes back to fuddling*


Shedder said...

the fugu is so kawaii!

ミJean★Claudeミ said...


Ku said...

ステーキなのか? o.o?
*om nom nom*


bunbun said...

I love the owl! and the colors!

Gambatte kudasai with your work, Ku!
Take care!

bunbun said...

Oh and Ku, the owl has some of the same feature as totoro, I bet you could make a really cute felt totoro!

Ku said...

AH, you saw it! That's actually what I was originally trying to draw in a sketchbook, and it turned into a sewing pattern for an owl somehow!

I can't believe you saw through it. O.o You're magic.

Anonymous said...

So Awesome!!