Sunday, May 2, 2010

May Be

It's May. Damn. I missed the entire month of April. -_-;


Good: Computer is fixed. The natives of Bleeping are geniuses.

Bad: Crappy Anti-illegal Immigration bill + police getting shot up during drug busts + getting back into the 90s this week in the Land of Az. Also, it's very windy today and things are blowing away. :/

Good: Strawberries are $0.88 per pound in local grocery.

Bad: Unmitigated oil disaster off the south coast, the Koreas are duking it out under the radar, car-full-of-bomb in Times Square, WTF?

Good: Car-full-of-bomb was apparently built by a complete dumbass. Hah.

Bad: Tornadoes are kicking the midwest's collective ass, Tennessee is flooding, and the Blackhawks blew game 1 of their series against Van-farking-couver. (GRR.)

Good: I have stuff to post!

Bad: I don't have time to post it right now.

BACK SHORTLY. (♪Always look on the bright side of life~♪)