Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Eastre

I'll get better at rabbits someday, I hope. These guys are two of my first-ever attempts at softies.

I've been meaning to post this egg pattern for a while, but I couldn't think of a good excuse for it... But, hey, it's eggs-n-chocolate day, so now I have a reason. ^_^

I'll bet money that somebody else has beaten me to the idea of a fried egg softie. It's just too easy. You could probably figure out the pattern by looking at your breakfast, to be honest.

PS: I spelled it like that on purpose.


bunbun said...

I really like your usagi!
And I might try your tamago, because it seems like a good softie to start with!!!!!! and really cute!!!!
And I think I have yellow and white felt!!!!!
Hope you have a great weekend!!!! Talk to you soon!


PS I really like the backround of the softie photo!

bunbun said...

Also, i am going to pull out my japanese language books kyo, so that I can write more Japanese to you.

I took private lessun with my husband for about 3 months twice a week. It was fun and I miss it, but I really need to concentrate on my major, so I haven't been able to take courses outside of my major. It will be nice to practice with you, because I can feel myself forgetting what I have learned!!!!

Happy Nichi-youbi!

Ku said...

Wa~i, doumo doumo! XD I wish you the best of luck -- tamago is really easy to make because it's flattish. I'm sure you can make it right away.

I can't wait to study with you~ >w<
Can you read hiragana, katakana, or kanji? Do the characters appear on your computer? o.o

Let's test!
Hiragana: ひらがな
Katakana: カタカナ
Kanji: 漢字

Your major is optometry, deshou? I like optometrists better than any other kind of doctor because they don't give shots or pull teeth. *nod nod* Please don't cut time from your studies just to play with me. ^^; I'll be here whenever you feel like practicing!

bunbun said...

Konnichiwa Ku-chan!
genki desu ka? watashi wa chou genki desu!

Sumimasen + Gomen! I need a little bit longer to pass the test! I studied "chotto" hirigana. My husband can help me with the testu, he was really good with characters.

iie, my major is not to be an optometrist.
I was a LASIK optician for 2 years until last december. Before that I was a dental technician from 19 to 25. I want to get my degree in Molecular Biology someday and work in lab doing research. I want to work in health care, but more behind the scenes. It is going to take forever, however! But I really like school.
I won't take time away from my studies, but it will be fun to to do a little "benkyo" with you!
How long ago did you finish school? It must have been wonderful being a eigo sensei in japan to little gakusen!

Rayna said...

I just found your site, it's great! I was just thinking the other day to make this egg and you have the pattern, cool!
My Mother-in-law is Okinawian(not sure spelling) she gave me some of her old ladies magazines, they have tons of cute ideas. I'm going to try and copy them.
I'll be checking back in!