Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Happy Hangover Day

...being that day after St. Patrick's Day when everyone who thought it was cute to pretend they could drink like an Irish sailor is regretting it.

A random long-tailed rabbit creature that I have named "Kiffy" on the spur of the moment would like to remind you that it will soon be Easter. Please put away the whiskey and fetch the chocolate. >w<


bunbun said...

Konbanwa Ku-chan!!!! No need to say Holly-sama, demo...was very nice, though! I have never been called that before!
So very nice to meet you as well!
Arigato gozimasu for all your sweet comments. I am going to answer the questions. Nigel is a shih tzu,which I believe is part tibetan terrier and lhasa apso. I know that they are both from tibet and are cousins. I love furry bearded dogs! Well, I love all inu!
I don't study photography. I just like taking picture in my free time with my husband. I don't even have that great of a camera. It is a Samsung L73.
I use Iphoto to do photo editing. I take a lot of photos through the window on my bus commute, too.
Yes, sometimes you can smell the sakura. It is amazing. It is still not fully bloomed everywhere. Have you been to Oregon before?
I love your softies! And your blog is very interesting to read.
Mata Ne!!!!!

Ku said...

Hello! XD You ARE my senpai, you know. ^^; Sama is only polite!

You seem to know a lot of Japanese words...I wanted to ask, do you speak Japanese? Or are you studying it? (I'm always looking for study partners!)

I agree, furry bearded dogs are the best. I'm sure Crickette would like to say hello to Nigel, but she's asleep. (She's very old.) Inu-tachi sukidattara,
Runo has a cute pattern for making a little felt doggy on her blog -- do you make softies often?

I've never been to Oregon before, but if it's anything like your photographs, I think it'd be a really great place to live. I always imagined it'd be a really cold, wild place, like Canada. Does it get very cold in the winter? Or, do you have more rain than snow because of the coast?

I have never worked with iPhoto or a Samsung digital camera before, but I really am impressed with your eye for photography. You have very good macro shots; the kind that sell with royalties in stock photo catalogues, or get hand printed and hang in galleries. ;_; I loves them. The bird on the wire and the moss on the sidewalk images are my favorites. Thank you for allowing downloads of the full-sized images! I'm using the moss image for my desktop now. XD

Deha, kochira kara yoroshiku onegaiitashimase! *bowbow*

bunbun said...

No, I don't speak nihongo. last year I took nihongo lessun with my husband for fun after work. so, I know chotto japanese. Mostly little words here and there.
But when I write you I will do m best to use as many words and phrases as possible.
Oregon is very beautiful, it can be cold and wild sometmes. We don't get much snow in Portland(few times a year), a lot of rain, which makes it really green and full of flowers almost year long.
I have never made a softie before, I would really like to, though. My sewing is not very good! I need to learn how to be more dainty with my hands! There is a felt onigiri that I would like to make soon.
Not only are your softies cute, they also have the great detailing that make them have great character.
What are of the US do you live in? Have you been to Japan before? I have not. We were supposed to go for our honeymoon, but we want to wait and do it when we have more $$$ to spend. I think I will die of too much happiness in Japan! Haha!
anyway, thank you so much for your amazing comments about my pictures, it inspires me to do better!!!!!!

bunbun said...

Oh, and also...I meant to ask you how you know so much japanese? Do you still take classes? You seem very advanced.
I seem to speak Japanese better when I have had a drink or two!

M.KATE said...

ha..hopped over from holly's place, how interesting, so holly, you finally found a japanese partner...so cool and fun - both of you and this blog too :)