Sunday, December 6, 2009

2 + 2

Some people out there are freaking awesome. Some people can take several simple things and make them into one awesome thing.

For example, the mathematical proof I shall hereafter call "Lovebiser's Equation":

tripart embroidered ornament by Lovebiser
click image to go to very clever tutorial

Some people see a plain shape and think "I can make that infinitely cuter."

Pomeranian Plushie by meow726, who also made a cow

And SOME people are fans of great video games and even pick out all the right items to properly katamaru and get them in the picture for plus 10 points.

Let's all petition her to make a Prince pattern. XD

Everybody 'round the world, let's keep making stuff! :D

*redwork and blackwork are essentially the same thing, except redwork is done in red. Seriously.

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