Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Seven days~ no no, I meant this:

Gonna be a bit nippy. Also, can I get some extra security on that pizza? Thanks.

If you're one of the lucky 240,000 at the swearing-in, please take a moment to remember the rest of us: the unfortunate millions who will have to stay at home, inside, and watch the proceedings on television, while we eat party snacks and drink warm delicious drinks with our friends. :D

And then we will play Wii while you are stuck in traffic. >w< (Just kidding; have a great time out there!)


Anonymous said...

The inauguration is going to be exciting! Two friends of mine are going to actually be there in Washington - can you believe how lucky they are?

On a related note - your blog design looks awesome!!!

Ku said...

OMG get pictures from them! Or have them call you live during the swearing-in! XD That's awesome.

Hah, this is the crappy blogger template, minus the XML features and plus graphics from a Chinese stock site. XD Thanks, though.

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Siladitya said...

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