Friday, February 8, 2008


I flew out west last week to visit my aunt and uncle in Sacramento and get away from Missouri for a while. I enjoy spending time with the Golubs; we just kind of click.

Sacramento is really spectacular, even in the rainy winter season. I’ve always loved heading out for a walk along the American River, especially with the Golub family dog, Kingsley.

Kingsley is a beautiful malamute with unusually light coloring and a gorgeous, grumbly voice. He is also the most mellow dog I have ever seen in his weight class.

This time around, the big adventure was a journey down to Oakland to take a flameworking class with aunt Mari. If you live anywhere in the bay area, I envy you for many reasons. The most recent of these is the Crucible.

The Crucible is awesome. It is full of interesting things and interesting people to tell you how to use them. Things like glass and fire, and people like Tara Murray.

Boron glass + fire + patient instruction from teachers = marbles!

I love marbles. Big, imperfect ones that you make yourself (and take a few burns for) are definitely more interesting than the ones that come from the store. My favorite one is this vortex marble.

It came out a little not-so-round, but it’s cool to look inside and see the rippled colors all twisted together. (And when you get really good, you can make ones like THIS.)

I also met Robert Mickelsen purely by chance, as he was touring the Crucible with the likes of Kaj Beck and a whole assortment of other glass artists.

I love California.


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ヒサシブリイイイイ〜 ;_;I miss you so much! And I suck at writing emails or sending boxes. TT_TT


Jean said...


(( ,,・з・,, ))ぶ~


君がいないのでアタイはとても寂しく思っている 。゜゜(´O`)°゜。わ〜ん

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キャ〜! Jean-Claude様が使っている日本語メッチャかけい〜 (*,*)

Seriously, dood, that's amazing. I can read your J-go, but I can't write that well. Where did you pick up your accent? 超かわいいでがんす!