Monday, September 10, 2012

Melts in Your Mouth, and Pretty Much Everywhere Else

I was going back through old things I had set up to post but didn't for some reason or another and I found this. Nikki sent me a most generous package earlier this summer, and I am still at a loss for how I can ever fulfill my debt of awesome and interesting things to her.

The Astounding Nikki, who I fear shall be an expat forever more, always sends me astounding things. Sometimes those astounding things are made of chocolate, a medium I hold in very high esteem. Delicious esteem, you might say. The local climate, however, is less... uh... respectful.

stock photo of the delicious and delightful "Happy Egg" of Great Britain that Nikki so thoughtfully sent me

aftermath of mailing a Happy Egg to the Arizona desert

I am pleased to report that in any physical format, Happy Eggs are delicious! Furthermore, their twee little faces, even when melted to the window of their packaging, remain perfectly adorable. The outcome of posting chocolate through the desert has never been more endearing (or more comedic) in my humble opinion.

For this and all other delights you send me, Astounding Nikki, please accept my sincere gratitude. I am without the means to thank you properly unless you should need a kidney someday. c:


Nikki said...

asdfkjkg;lk WOW I did not even CONSIDER the heat-furnace that is your state of residence when sending that off! I figured "well it might crack on the plane ride, but hopefully the face will still be intact." **snrrrk!**

This is a most valuable and, indeed, hiLOLious lesson.

Nikki said...

addendum: I am most humbled and pink-tickled by the Illustrious Ku's continued efforts at paybackery, with special mention to the most recent giftsplosion to grace mine expatriated eyes, but please know that I require only the knowledge of your continued delight in my mailthings.

And possibly one voucher good for one round of Ku-hugs <3

GalaTea many quilts and ideas said...

HA, Ha, ha! kidney? ku-hugs? you guys are hilarious!!
Love the blog, and the comments!

Ku said...

Madam, you should know by now that unlimited Ku-hugs are yours for the asking. Why, you may even be Ku-hugged simply by wandering into my general orbit... let this be your warning.

I again apologize for the odd attempt at pralines. In the time since writing to you last, I have failed twice more to produce the confection properly. Boo. It would seem that my candy-making adventures are at a standstill until I can somehow requisition a fabled "copper pot".

In the meantime, shall we have a truce to send only flat things to one-another? This will automatically discount such troubles as homemade sugar abominations. :3

Ku said...

Miss GalaTea, I am surprised and delighted when somebody posts something here like "love the blog" and it isn't immediately followed by a link to a questionable source of male-enhancement medication. I don't know what we're doing to deserve your most gracious approval, but I assure you we'll keep doing it just for you. ^_^'

Nikki said...

GalaTea, I assure you it's even worse when we are actually in the same room. Which hasn't been the case for an abominably long time ;n; I MAY be in the Midwest for Yuletimes, but that's as close as I'll make it, alas and alack.

I reluctantly agree to the proposed truce, but only on the grounds that I am embarrassingly skint, as the Imperials say, such that I could not dredge up the coppers an' crowns to send an un-flat thing. That shall change once new-job gets into swing! Cue evil laughter!

Ku said...

I too am skint, most assuredly, although I always feel ten times the richer when I learn a new bit of British slang. :3 (Thankees!)