Monday, August 6, 2012

Eventful Day

Well shit, this has been a busy Monday. Let's see:

✓ Land a nuclear rover on Mars
✓ Remember Hiroshima 67 years after the first atomic bombing
✓ Hey Jamaica, happy Independence Day
✓ Hey Jamaican, you're the Fastest Man on Earth
✓ Apply to grad school


Oh yeah, and I know what I want for Christmas this year:
I will drive it around my desk with a 20 minute contact delay for added realism.

So I'm going to start writing this blog again, but it's going to be decidedly different. I was trying to do just the artsy-crafty stuff here, but then I ran out. ._. So now I'll just post everything. `u` フフフぅ〜


ミJean★Claudeミ said...

「Usain Bolt」がRPGゲームのアッタクに似る名前。


Exploding Unicorn said...

Hot Wheels will try to make money off anything. If the rover didn't land successfully, they were going to sell a model of its crash debris at 1:64 scale.

Ku said...

JC used "USAIN BOLT"! *kra-KOW*
It's super-effective!

Ku tried PK Thunder Ω!
*bwippa* It didn't hit anyone!
*bwippa* It didn't hit anyone!
*bwippa* It didn't hit anyone!
*KA-ZAP-woobawoobawoo* 200HP of damage to Ku!


Hot Wheels opportunism; so true... but I have such a soft spot in my heart for miniature anythings, I might have even gone for wreckage. One of the best dollars I ever spent was on a 1990s Hot Wheels USPS truck. It even has the reversed wheel and shift set up correctly, and you could see through the big windscreen to the door gap. I used it in the computer lab to deliver chocolate-covered raisins, one-at-a-time, to people sitting next to me.... good times. c:

(Yeah, I was THAT girl.)

ミJean★Claudeミ said...


Ku said...

Yeah, well, 1995 kept my favorite hoodie and got bleach marks on it. I'm keeping the game. >:l