Saturday, July 24, 2010

A List

A bilingual list of (some of) the stuff I need to make into softies:

郵便車 (yuubinsha, a post truck)
郵便箱 (yuubinbako, a post box)
ラジオ (rajio, a radio; which can also be 無線, musen)
せみ (semi, a cicada)
サボテン (saboten, a cactus)
ヒトデ (hitode, a sea star)
ベタ (beta, a fighting fish)
ホットドッグ (hotto-doggu, a hot dog, for some silly reason)
小さな蟹 (chiisana kani, a tiny crab)
太っている鯣 (futotteiru surume, a fat cuttlefish)
鮫 (same, a shark, because SereneSky asked for one)

Any suggestions to add to the list? :3

"You're on my list, Birdman!"


Neko-San said...

"Any suggestions to add to the list? :3"

Mmmmmm, I think a cute dragon (plushie, amigurimi, clay) would work ^^. I love dragons and my friend too hehe (I wanna make one dragon for her ^^u).

And... you've been disappeared for a month! O_O. I miss your entries so much u-u...

Keira said...

Sounds like a lot of work! Post the pics when you are done I would love to see all of them :D

Ku said...

Auuuugh a dragon... I actually prototyped a dragon once, and failed miserably. -_- I should try again.

(Sorry for being gone so long... it's been a busy summer. ^^;)

Ku said...

Addendum: cute fat snake and mountain/volcano thing. :D

Neko-San said...

Ohhh, show me that Volcano O_O.

Fat snake? I prefer cute lizard or magnificent eagle *^* or cute bat. I love animals with wings ^^u...

I'm scared of snakes u_u. But show us the fat snake, maybe I'd like it ^^.