Thursday, July 8, 2010


それは "I am still alive!" と言う意味です。And now I've missed the entire month of June, too. -_-;

I seriously, honestly intend to post tonight, and later in the week, about Japanese thimbles (yubinuki), which have kinda captured my heart for a few weeks.

Aren't they pretty? (click image to visit creator's site)

Also, I am backdating this post to July 8th, which was Quex Day. ^x^


White Rabbit 46 said...

Do you know of any company selling Yubinuki in or to the USA? I have been all over the net with not a single seller showing up. I realize this is a craft but...

Ku said...

Hello there! Actually, it is very rare to find finished kaga yubinuki for sale, even within Japan. They are largely regarded as a craft of accomplishment, like origami.

You may be able to locate a yubinuki kit from a Japanese supplier, or even from an American importer online, if you would like to make one for yourself. Alternatively, some makers of temari balls will also practice yubinuki, and may sell them somewhere like or Etsy.

Are you looking to collect pretty ones, or do you need one to use in the practice of another craft...? I can send you one of mine, but they're just amateur work. ^^;