Thursday, April 30, 2009

I has a craft store. :D

This is just to say
That a new Jo-Ann store
A superstore, mind you,
Will open on Tuesday

May the 5th, Cinco de Mayo,
at the following location:
15355 Manchester Rd
Ballwin, Missouri, 63011.

Please come see.
It will be fantastic;
So big
and so full of stuff.


Nikki said...

20 English major points <3

HAVE FUN frolicking about your new craft store! Altho I must admit I was hoping you meant you'd set up an Etsy account...this is almost as good! :3b

arnv said...

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Ku said...

YEY English major points GET! :D I'm gonna save 'em up until I have enough for an "impose Oxford comma on the entire Internet" button. XD

Moar spam, lulz.

Also, AMAZING BOX GET. I need to go to your blog and rave 'bout it nao. >w<