Wednesday, April 1, 2009

エイプリルフール :D

I've noticed the vast majority of visitors to this site are coming from IPs in Japan. I'm pretty sure 99.9% of my audience is Japanese, so I'm thinking I'll write all my posts and patterns from now on in straight Japanese. That is, no furigana, no English, just standard hyoujungo with all the customary kanji.

I imagine you one or two readers who speak English won't mind this at all. You can probably just figure everything out from the pictures. For example, here's a new pattern for a softie owl: the measurements are metric, and the instructions are in Japanese.

click to download pattern

If there are any complaints or questions, please let me know in the comments section. Thanks again, and ハッピーエイプリルフール!


Sarah said...

Oh no! Please! I don't know very much Japanese! Please keep posting in English!!!


I stopped taking Japanese lessons a few years ago, so I'm more than a little rusty, but I think I can figure out what those characters say. :D

se7en said...

Totally brilliant - you totally got me... and my Japanese is restricted to "ipon" and "haijimi" from when I was a judo kid!!! What if you just wrote about tatami's forever more!!! Very clever - well done!

Nikki said...

Oh you hiLOLiously convincing trixster, you...I felt the need to misspell that. And "misspell" always looks incorrect itself.

I clomb'd a mountain today. It was tiring and AWESOME and your owl has made me recall all the birdly friends I made up there on the trails <3

**hugs from J-pan**

David said...

i have no doubt that you would do a wonderful job publishing in japanese only. but my motto is 'don't believe anything that you read on april 1...especially online'!

happy april fools day to you too! ^_^

LiSi Patch said...

I hope David is right.

Chi Designs said...

ohhh, keep posting in english! :)

super cute owl!

Ku said...

Heh, moushi wake nainde, sumimasendeshita. XD I'm so glad everybody got the joke. >w<

Se7en, I STILL owe you a postcard! I've had it out since January, but I keep gluing things to it, whereas I haven't written a word yet. ;_;

Nikki, I also owe you a bajillion things. There is a box of roughly half a bijillion things right here on my bed; it shall be sent when the total number of things it contains reaches a full metric bajillion.

David, hi there! How's everything over in Bigler land? Please say hullo to Rachel for me; I miss you both! Hope to see you soon when odori meetings start up again. :D

LiSi, Chi, yahalo! I don't think we've met before -- nice to see you here!

se7en said...

You right you do owe me a postcard! Don't worry with words just address it and send I promise to send a wordless one right back as soon as I have your mail address...

p.s. Isn't it astonishing how many people don't click through!

Neko-San said...

I am Spanish!!!!
I thought that blogs were made to read that many people, if you let him in Japanese and English eliminate, even if two people (as mentioned), eliminating these potential readers ... please follow in English.
I can´t download the pattern of the owl, I get an image of Japanese Lion ... Does bring into English? I love that owl ^^.
I hope they will not forget the English ...
You can make blog in Spanish, eh? xD

Ja ne!!

Ku said...

Neko-san, lo siento! Estaba de broma. :3 I will still post everything in English... I wish I could post in Spanish, too, but I don't remember enough of it. ^^;

Marian said...

Oh noooo! LOL Im Argentinean... visiting you from The Netherlands... that means, I already have to go from soanish to dutch to english to read your blog ... and that i can handle, but japanese? As much as I would love to learn, seriously, I don't think Im quite proficient to understand everything in it. Have mercy! :)