Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sources d'Quex

Pinks and greens, and eff yeah, I get to use a stock photo that I've wanted to use for so long. Damn. Feels good. やっとこのブログを変えたんだ。ウ・レ・シ〜〜〜。。。。っすが、このスタイルもちょっといやだね。-_-; まだまだ変えなきゃ。

When I'm not sleeping or making material stuff, I like to hunt around for stock images, brushes, textures, typographic elements, etc for the making of immaterial stuff, i.e, digital graphics. (Technically, that is what I should be doing first and foremost; sleep and material goods can come later.)

One delicious place to find said elements is Stock.Xchng. Lots of free stocks for student work or mock-ups. Also a good source for quality reference images (better than an open GIS, anyway).

楽しみしてね〜 ヾ(。・w・。)


bunbun said...

great design Ku!!!

Ku said...

Hnyaaaa~, thanks... but I still can't get the darn XML template to do what I want. ;_; So frustrating! Mendokusei!

I'm gonna go see what you've baked and shot photos of this week -- that always cheers me up. XD