Monday, July 21, 2008


Remember the little guy from this post?

He's a big brother now. :D

New pattern coming up soon, honest. (I've been on a writing kick lately, and more words = less images.)


David said...

Cute birdies - they look hungry!

bunbun said...


how sweet is that. totally just melted my heart!!!!!
is this in your yard???

Ku said...

Hi David! XD Thanks again for the plugin, AND the awesome explanation on scratching out the music from an .SWF. :D

And hallo, Bunbun! Yeah, that nest is in a scraggly little tree in the front yard. I couldn't actually see into the nest when I got that picture; just put the camera over the spot and hit the button... and the one in the front tried begging food from my lens. o.o; (Sorry for the false alarm, little guy.)