Saturday, January 7, 2012

WARNING: blog has reached critical mass

Alright, damnitall, here we go:

I need to get my online data organized. First off is this blog, which IS still alive, honestly. It's connected to my private account and a webspace where I host designs for clients, though, which is less than optimal. Also, it is ugly. I can't design the space here the way I'd like to without circumventing a bunch of Blogger rules and garbage. Vehement MEH.

SO, with everyone's merciful understanding and forgiveness, please know that things are going to go royally haywire for a little while. I intend to leave everything up and accessible for as long as I can, and I will make any hot switches in the shortest length of time possible. That said, there are going to be broken links here and there. In the end, things should seamlessly redirect to wherever I decide to drop them for permanence... fingers crossed.

In the process, I will be permanently deleting some posts. These will generally be the posts that have nothing of interest to anyone, anywhere, anyway. (All the "oh crap what happened let me fix this sorry brb" posts, for example.) Anything that contains a pattern, tutorial, or experiment will remain online and fully accessible by the end of the cleanup. The current links to PDF patterns and diagrams, however, will break. I intend to replace them with a forwarding image.

Lastly, I will establish a secondary blog for some of the things that I would have previously posted here. I think. Maybe. Let me think it over. (If you're only here for patterns, don't worry; you'll still be in the right place.)

Postscriptively, happy new year to everyone. :3 I hope you've all had a great first week.

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Nikki said...

oh em jeez, join the rest of us fan-people, crafters, writerers of amusitaining words and livejournal-disillusionists on dreamwidth! (pro-tip: I hear it is better for allowing OpenID and other non-DW-ers to read and comment on non-public stuff, and you can totes choose who has access and who don't, so yeys)

My public and not-so-public writeythings are getting perma-moved to there around the end of this month, probably, when my paid account on LJ expires. Most of my webbernets friends what I reads of thru blogthangs are there now anyway, or on Tumblr (Tumblr is good too! That might suit you better ackshully. Just gimme a ping via alittledelirious dot dreamwidth dot org so's I can add you to The Super Amazing Mega Uber Avatars Of Win list :3 also I RECEIVED YOUR BOX OF CHRISTMAS JOY, A THOUSAND THANK YOU'S and I want your gingerbread recipe @___@)