Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Experiment: Stamped Impression Cookies

Short one. To decorate cookies with a full coat of icing, you usually do it in two steps. First, piping, where you go around the edges with a line of icing that is thick enough to not flow off the edge of the cookie, then let it set up before step two, flooding, where you fill the outlined area(s) with an icing that is slightly thinner.

example of piped icing on cookies, before the flooding step (hands and creativity provided by my sister)
Piping exists entirely as a series of dams to keep the flood icing from overflowing the sides of the cookie. There are, conceivably, many other ways of setting up these dams. For example, what happens if you press foam stamp shapes into soft cookie dough, bake it, then fill the impressions with glace icing? Do the walls of the indentations work as well as piped borders to hold the shape of the icing?

Conclusion: Yes. Yes they do.

Additionally, chocolate sugar cookie dough offers many creative avenues worth perusal. :D

Yes, it is a poo cookie. No, I am not ten years old.


Inma said...

hello!!!! these cookies look beatiful. Regards & kisses from Spain and http://www.elrincondeincla.blogspot.com

Ku said...

Um, thank you! Cheers to Spain!

Nikki said...

Of course you're not 10 years old. You are at LEAST 11 :b

...also, plz send me poo-cakes? **also still 11 but now no one can tell me that's bad HOORAY FOR ADULTHOOD**