Friday, March 11, 2011


Remember this little girl?

She lives here:

This is Kamaishi, at the end of the trainline I rode into town every weekend.

This is Kamaishi now:

Live feed of Japanese news:




Anne said...

I am so sad for your beautiful country. The devistation is unbelievable. I hope all your loved ones are safe.

Temari Addict Australia said...

I hope you are safe, and your family a OK.

I am sorry for this disaster in your beautiful country. I pray for all Japan.

Loaf said...

Thank you both, very much. If anyone can handle a high-8 quake, though, it's the Japanese... as long as the unresponsive nuclear reactors stay contained, I think the nation will recover within a few years. There will be a scar in the people's memory, though, as bad or worse than the Great Hanshin quake. -_-

Lisa-Stellina said...

sorry my english is not so good, but i just want to say that i hope that you an you family are ok!
Nathalie from Switzerland!

Joe said...

I believe that you and your family are safe and pray for god to save your family always