Friday, May 22, 2009

The Fate of Birdy

M'lords and ladies, we have found our stoner cat.

Actually not a stoner, but rather, The Indomitable Baroness Lydia, belonging to my good friends (and gracious saviors when we're learning Bon Odori), His Majesty David and Her Highness Rachel. David is a design king, Rachel is a J-food queen, and together, they rule over a kingdom of anime and manga.

Thank you, Your Majesties, for allowing me the honor of drugging your cat. >w< ♡


Nikki said...

...I want to get a cat now SOLELY for the purpose of letting you drug it.

And...yanno...cats is AWESOME SAUCE (>w<)

Sarah said...

Haha...cute -especially when she was sniffing the camera like that!

(I still wish I could get my cat stoned...)