Friday, March 20, 2009


*deep breath*

Minimimmo. Yes, that's it. Finally.

Just a short link to the lovable and slightly creepy Minimimmo, a tiny yellow print-and-fold dood. The original Minimimmo has been out for a while now, but its creator (box73, Italian and good at it) keeps coming up with new, limited edition iterations of the design. Like Batman.

In the finest papercrafting style, this is one of those clever models that requires no glue or tape, but it might take a little patience (especially if you're printing out on regular computer paper).

Ev'viva il Conquista~


Sarah said...

Aw, that's cute. But batman does look a bit strange without the bat-ears...

Nikki said...

You just shorted my cute-circuit XD And I have seen some rigoddamndiculously cute things this weekend.

Ku said...

Heh, he does indeed. It was a real bear trying to fold that cape with the brilliant locking-mechanism that it used. I was tempted to cut it off, but then he would have looked like some crazy luchador. ;_;

Oops, sorry Nikki. o.o' If there be pictures of those rigoddamndiculously cute things over at your blog, I shall shortly short my circuitry as well. :D

Nikki said...

Sorry, no pictures, but you should look up a Japanese chain of women's boutiques called "drug store's" (hint: it has nothing to do with drugs, except perhaps whatever the designers were doing when they dreamt up the mascots)

THEY HAVE VIKING PIGS. WITH HATS. I know because I own a kiddie backpack fulla 'em now!!! The print design and look'n'feel of the logo strongly suggest to me that they are trying to...ahem..."piggyback" off the success of LeSportsac's tokidoki handbags (I'm sorry, you can shoot me now).