Thursday, December 4, 2008

Reiteration (繰り返し)

As mentioned previously...

Hi thar. If you have arrived here whilst looking either to translate some prose into or out of Japanese, I should very much enjoy being of assistance. I love translation, and I need challenges -- many challenges -- to maintain mental acuity nihongo de. Pop me a comment in the most recent post and I'll get on it.

Just a reminder. :D

ALSO, to the people who keep showing up on my patrol list but never ask me anything:

"Inu," meaning "dog,"
in hiragana: いぬ and in kanji:

"What time is it in Japan?"
Nihon de ima nanji desu ka?
...or in hiragana: にほんでいまなんじですか?
...or with kanji: 日本で今何時ですか?

"Shishi," meaning "lion" in the mythic sense,
in kanji: 獅子

New pattern tomorrow, イエ〜イ >w<

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