Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Since 1968

Selvidge Middle School, Nov 4th, 7:00AM: Missourians gather to cast their votes.

Despite long waiting times and a cold morning, we watched for an hour and a half as not one person left the line. An old man came in a folding chair and sat just beyond the limits of the no-electioneering zone, wearing Obama pins and handing out leaflets to anyone who showed interest. "I've been waiting for this day since 1968," he told us.

I have never been so proud of my nation as I am today.


Nikki said...

One of your requests has been granted! Check the blog to see which one ;O
I just about susploded with OMGYES!!!11!one this afternoon at work when CNN finally called it! But I couldn't quite blow up yet, 'cause I had a class of freshmen to teach . . . but now squee's! And joy! And the prospect of actually going home for Christmas and having it NOT be the last time I ever want to set foot in the U.S. again!

ミJean★Claudeミ said...

Don't look at me, I didn't vote for him.

Ku said...

You didn't vote for the old guy? O.o?

bunbun said...

Yay! Hooray!

Ku said...

Yay indeed~! Hiya, Bunbun! I go see you naow. XD