Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Best Website Ever, explained

Once upon a time, Ku went GISing around the 'net for some pictures of chickens, as she sometimes does, because she likes chickens.

All of a sudden, this appeared on the screen:

behold, "Ninjia Chicken" -- look closely, as there are manifold levels of incredibleness to be discovered

Naturally, Ku found this absolutely hilarious. She was soon on the homepage of Everyday Chicken, clicking about on all the awesomeness thereupon. For example, there was also:

...Skater Chicken...

...Architect* Chicken...

...and even this powerful reflection on chickenhood, one that speaks to our own existential quandaries.

Ku could not help but wonder, where did this site come from? Who drew the chickens? Why? Email did ensue.

Dear Webmaster,

While looking for reference images for roosters, I did a GIS for "chicken gallery" and came up with your site.

AWESOME. Pure win. Seriously, this is hilarious. How long have you had this site up? Do you still update? (And how old were you when you started it?) I'd love to hear the story behind it... anyway, thanks for this little gem. Definitely worth the (tiny) bandwidth.

Your New Fan,

PS: I'd like to put in a request for a "pierat chicken" to go next to "ninjia chicken," please. XD


Sorry for the delayed email and thanks very much for sending me ideas for new chickens. It really is fun when someone sees my website and takes the time to send me an email requesting more. =) I have had this website up for a while (about four years) and have received two requests (including yours).

When I created the website I think I was ten but my dad did all of the programming stuff, I just provided the drawings!

The first request was for the super chicken, and now the second is for the 'pierat'! I unfortunately haven't updated it very recently partly because I haven't really had a motivation, but now I do because another person wants more chickens.

In fifth grade art class we were asked to draw a farm scene. I asked a friend of mine (Mike) to draw a chicken and it looked very funny - though it didn't look much like a chicken. We had fun later in the year drawing chickens for the holidays.

Anywho thanks again for sending me an email, because I might not have the chicken up soon because I'm on summer break so I put the picture in this email. =P

Hope you enjoy,
Robert L. Pringle (like the chip [but I'm not related =( ])

And that is the story of Everyday Chicken, the Best Website Ever.

~The End~

*I suspect this is in fact Archaeologist Chicken, or perhaps Architect Chicken is curious as to whom could have left bare footprints in the loose soil of his construction site, when health and safety standards clearly state that steel-toed boots must be worn at all times.

I will really, seriously get back on-topic soon. For certainly. Next post, I swear.


Nikki said...

Dude, I don't know what topic you could possibly want to get back to that is more important than this. Except maybe wassup wit choo & whut be up, homefry. I have no sent you mental hugs in far too long. We must Skype as soon as I get interwebbernets in ye olde apaato (damn you, NTT and your un-American demands for foreign resident documentation! I'm an unregistered alien and I demand state-funded services!)

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