Thursday, June 19, 2008



I have no idea what this little thing is, but the evil glare compelled me to put it up. Also, I wanted an excuse to post something. ^^; I have been really lazy about responding to people lately, so I'm sorry if you've mailed or messaged me and are waiting on a reply. m(-_-)m

Happy Friday, Happy Solstice, Happy Water-on-Mars Night! Back soon.


Nikki said...

In case you haven't gotten enough warm-fuzzies today (although I can see how that's possible, given your affinity for adorable lil' fabric aminals), here's something that might just burst a valve with OHMAIGAWDTEHCUTENESS!!!!!111one!

(this is Nikki, BTdubs)

Nikki said...

Aaaaaaaand now I humbly demand html help wiff my baby blog (>w<) おねがいします〜

Delson said...

Thanks for your comments on my blog.
Yes I do hve to post more frequently as you said;
I am not a trained photographer but i believe that every photograph i click i learn some thing new.
I use a sony h7 camera .
thank you

bunbun said...

hi ku-ku

i like his evil glare too!!!!!! i know what you mean, i have been so brain dead lately, i can barely hold a conversation w/ casey!

kirin said...

Never mind being lazy to reply.
私なんか、ブログ書くだけでもしんどい時あるよ。Especially using 2nd language is challenging to me (^_^;)